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Intimacy Coaching

Making an effort to Revolutionise your relationship is the greatest form of intimacy

          Having the opportunity to work with someone that has extensive skills and experience working with couples to master their potential was the greatest gift I could give to my marriage. I wish i did this sooner. ​

~ Jeff & Rochelle

Many Couples are wanting ways to find new and powerful ways of connection. Now there is a professional Therapist and Teacher in this field available to you with a plethora of soul satisfying Intimacy techniques and methodologies explored from many streams of thought. 


With our Intimacy Coaching, you are able to explore, be guided, taught and experience so many different levels of Intimacy - and at the same time - re-learning, re-programming and reverse engineering the intimate predisposition that your currently in.  

Teachings & Techniques Used:

  • Sacred Sexuality & Eastern Sexual Practices (Ishimpo, Tantra, Kama Sutra, Perfumed Garden, Tao) 

  • Advanced Clinical Tantra & the JLT Tantra Method (3 level - 16 level Tantra Program - as presented to the World Congress of Sexology)

  • Neuroscience & Redesigning Your Neural Networks for long term change

  • Arousal Prototypes, Psychoanalytic Sexology & working with Sexual Dysfunction

  • Erotic Intelligence & Intimacy Mapping

  • Experiential, Transcendigenic and Existential Techniques. 

  • Customised Programs. 

These coaching sessions are designed to suit you and where you both are in your relationship. They will be paced according to your requirements. They are also based on your comfort levels. 

Please Note: I only work with couples. I will not be physically involved and there will be no touch involved by me. I will guide, explain & teach. If you are single and would like intimacy coaching - please arrange someone to bring to these lessons with you. 

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