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Relationship = with Ourselves, With our Colleagues, Family Friends and Lover. 


 Intelligence based, advanced bio-psycho Relationships where our socially conditioned concept of 'love' is challenged and the new frontier of our brains taking the drivers seat is beginning. Relationship breakdowns are one of the leading causes in the epidemic of Depression and anxiety: lets get back into the drivers seat of our own lives and engineer our optimal Relationship.  


The (ERIQ) Spectrum includes Reverse Engineering, BioEnergetics, Intimacy Design, Neuro-Synchronicity (Brain coupling) and Symbiotic Flow states allowing one to move up the Spectrum to reach the highest level of Relational Connection & Consciousness - The Plateau Experience or aka Self Transcendence as coined by Abraham Maslow.  



La Trobe University: Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences. 

BLitt: with Purushottama Bilimoria (research fellow at the Oxford centre for Hindu studies, and faculty at Berkley) at Deakin University 

M.A: with Patricia Weerakoon at University of NSW: Masters of Sexual Health. 


Behavioural NeuroScience: University of Chicago

Applied NeuroBiology: University of Peking

Neuroscience Academy: Cert in Applied Neuroscience 

PhD: Counselling & Psychotherapy. 


Presented at the 1st World Congress of Sexology and the 18th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health. Avid teacher of alternative methods of Intimacy for couples through the International Institute of Tantra and Psychoanalytic Sexology. Past president of the International Association for Sexual educators, counsellors and therapists. On numerous podcasts, Television interviews, newspapers and magazines. 


Member of Womens Economic Forum, IASECT, International Positive Psychology Association, Executive Member: International Institute for Complimentary Therapies, American College of Sexologists, NeuroHacker Collective. 


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