Your Relationship is the most important part of your life.  

Coaching / Mentoring

Relationship Engineering
Sometimes We Just Need Someone To Talk To

Using the cornerstone of the Modern Exponential Era - Simplexity. 

Life is already complicated as it is. The complexities of the human mind

when spiralling into a vortex of anxiety, worry, depression, responsibility and

commitment can be fused with chaos.  We are not taught how to navigate through

relationships - we generally Fall in Love, Get Married and THINK we will live

happily ever after - But It Generally Doesn't Work That way. After we Wed, Or decide

to be with 'The One", we are left to our own devices. 

Our own baggage still lingers on from our previous relationships, and no one helps us to navigate through it. 

This is where Jaida Comes In. 

Intelligence at the Forefront of your relationship. Lets re-program, re-design and re-engineer a new you in order to smoothly work through the NEW relationship.  

Lets get straight to the point. 

Lets work out your plan, your process and what you want and how to get there.  

Whether it is a new relationship that you want to design together. Formulate and work with NeuroGenesis as well as be able to Brain Couple. 


Whether you want to rekindle and engineer the intimacy and Desire for one another and uplevel your bedroom skills


whether you want to work through a betrayal or a behavioural dynamic that you want to shift.

or take the Plunge into the Erotic IQ spectrum:

1. Shadow Walk

2. BioEnergetics

3. Programming Intimacy

4. Neuro-Synchronicity

5. Symbiotic Flow States

6: Plateau Experience. 

Relationship Coaching with Jaida can work through some of the steps that you need to take to pave the path that you want your relationship to be.  

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Personal Coaching

My mission here is to Help People. 

I find the most joy when i am helping other in their lives. 

I cannot deny it. The helpers high is an actual thing. 

In my years of academic study, life experience and personal research and development i have found that most people need a coach in their lives. It is essential. A teacher, a mentor - someone who puts them back onto their chosen path. ​

this is what i am here for. Whether it is within your personal life, business, schooling, spiritual journey, career or mentality and mindset - a personal coach is what you need to reach that personal success. 

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